Weekend event

Last night shortly after 8 pm, a couple of rubbish bins outside Room 7 were set on fire. Thankfully it was spotted early by local neighbours who then rang 111. This was then followed up by a very fast response by our local firefighters who were able to be put them out before any serious damage to the classrooms was able to occur. If this fire had been left a further 5-10 minutes longer or the pole had been made out of wood, it would have had a far more serious and sad outcome for this block of classrooms and our school.

Thank you to all our neighbours for keeping an eye on our school and reporting this fire quickly.

Thank you to all the firefighters for responding so quickly and putting it out.

Thank you to the cleanup team today.

If anyone has any information or hears anything relating to this fire and who may have started it, please either contact me (principal@greytown.school.nz) or the local police who will be following this up further on our behalf.

Patrice O’Connor

PS: Please continue to keep your eyes and ears open to keep our school safe and to avoid this happening to our school or anywhere else in our community.