Board of Trustees

The Greytown School Board of Trustees (BoT) would like to welcome you and your family to Greytown School. We all love having the opportunity to represent our community by helping to lead our school into the future, so all our children can succeed and have fun in their learning.

Who is currently on our Greytown School Board of Trustees?

Chairperson:             Jane Cooper

Principal:                   Patrice O’Connor

Staff Trustee:            Dorreen Mackenzie

Trustees:                    Duncan Didsbury, Richard “Rusty” Donworth, David Savage and Belinda Wells.

Board Secretary:      Megan Wall


How can I contact the Greytown School Board of Trustees?

You can email our Board of Trustees at

What is the role of the Board of Trustees?

The role of the Board of Trustees is to help govern the school to ensure that it meets all its needs – legally and ethically as representatives from their community and as employers to the staff.

The primary foci of the BoT are to ensure that the school

  • Has a clear direction for the future (Charter and Strategic Plan) that enables the school to provide future focussed and successful educational outcomes and decisions for children and the wider school.
  • Upholds our SHARP values (Safe, Honest, Achieve, Respect, Pride) and positive school culture.
  • Learning programmes enable our children to achieve and develop according to the vision within our NZ Curriculum (Ie: The vision of our young people as lifelong learners who are confident and creative, connected, and actively involved. “), which is captured within our four Greytown School learning values (Collaboration, Confidence, Challenge and Innovation).
  • Trustees support the Principal and Senior Leadership Team to oversee all major decisions within the school eg: Property Development and Maintenance, Employment of  staff, Annual Budget, Achievement and Progress of learners etc

How many people are on the BoT?

A Board of Trustees typically has 7 members

  • Five Trustee members elected by parents.  These are elected every three years (Next election is July 2019).
  • The School Principal.
  • A Staff Trustee elected by the Teachers and Support Staff.

In addition to these, the Board of Trustees can co-opt four additional members, so that the board can, as far as is reasonably practicable, reflect the ethnic and socio-economic composition of the school’s student body and the country’s gender balance, or co-opt for a specific skill or additional support with large projects that the current board requires.

When does the Board of Trustees meet?

The Board of Trustees meets twice each term on Monday of Week 4 and Week 9.  Meetings are held at 5.30 p.m. in the Greytown Staff room.  If the time and date need to be adjusted then it will be published in our newsletter or sent out via our Greytown School App (Available free from the Apps Store).

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public unless they are required to go into committee for a private, case sensitive and confidential matter.

How can I access information?

If parents would like a copy of the BOT agenda you can visit the school office, email or access the current agenda below.  Agendas are finalised the Friday afternoon prior to the meeting.

All agendas and minutes from the BOT meetings are public record and can be accessed from the school office.

For further information about the Board of Trustees, you can go online to

Annual Accounts

Every year our school finances are audited by Deloitte to ensure we are complying with all financial legislation and practices.

Here is our current  accounts:  Audited accounts 2019