We are proud of all our staff at Greytown School who work incredibly hard to offer our children not only a dynamic, beautiful and fun school to learn and play in, but also a wide variety of exciting opportunities within our school and the wider community.

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Patrice O’Connor Principal
Mr. Neil Preston Deputy Principal
Mrs. Penny Hopkins Assistant Principal/Kahikatea Leader
Ms. Dorreen Mackenzie Kowhai Leader
Mrs. Rhonda Jones Kawaka Leader
Miss Alex Southall Kauri Leader

Administration Team

Mrs. Carol Fergusson Executive Officer
Mrs. Megan Wall Office Administrator/NE Enrolments
Mrs. Linda Kirkland Librarian

Kowhai Syndicate (Years 0 to 2)

Ms. Dorreen Mackenzie Room 1 Years 1/2
Miss Alison Morgan Room 2 Years 1/2
Mrs. Kirsten Matthews Room 4 Years 1/New Entrant
Miss Gaylene Hansen Room 5 Years 1/New Entrant
Mrs. Nikki Regnault Room 2/4

Kawaka Syndicate (Years 3 and 4)

Mrs. Rhonda Jones Room 9 Years 3/4
Mrs. Tina Reynolds Room 6 Years 3/4
Miss Rachel Burt Room 7 Years 3/4
Mrs. Sue Lyford Room 8 Years 3/4

Kahikatea Syndicate (Years 5 and 6)

Mrs. Penny Hopkins Room 14 Years 5/6
Mr. Derek Walker Room 13 Years 5/6
Ms. Sheri Wales Room 15 Years 5/6
Mr. Blake Walker Room 16 Years 5/6
Miss. Yolandi Verwey Room 14 AP Release

Kauri Syndicate (Years 7 and 8)

Miss. Alex Southall Room 11 Years 7/8
Mr. Neil Preston Room 10 Years 7/8
Mr. David French Room 12 Years 7/8
Miss. Yolandi Verwey Room 10 DP Release

Specialist Teachers 

Mrs. Janelle Clark Reading Recovery and ORS specialist
Mrs. Deidre Hodgkinson Curriculum Release Teacher for STEAM
Mrs. Linda Kirkland Curriculum Release Teacher for STEAM


Support Staff:

Donna Feild
Angie Leigh
Kath McShane
Margot Morgan

SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

Miss Alison Morgan


School Caretaker

Mr. Steve Gain

Sports Leaders

Mr. Blake Walker
Miss. Yolandi Verwey