Junior Team (Years 0-3)

Welcome to the Junior Syndicate.  We have 5 classrooms of children in our learning family ranging in ages from 5 to 8 years of age.

Our learning programmes ensure that our children start school with a continued love of learning and a solid foundation of life skills (eg: self-management, collaboration, communication, critical thinking …etc),  literacy and numeracy, and a growing understanding of the wider curriculum.

In our syndicate, we value the role of learning through Purposeful Play – see information below for our 2020 update.

Our Junior Syndicate Team 2023 is

  • Ms Dorreen Mackenzie in Mckenzie (team leader)
  • Mrs Mandy Smyth in Smyth
  • Miss Charlotte Smith in Smith
  • Ms Cath Kirkpatrick in Kirkpatrick
  • Whaea Ness Mills in Mills (Mrs Adcock on Friday)

To see what we are all up to come and visit us, look at our Seesaw pages or check out our School Facebook page.

At the start of each day we begin with PURPOSEFUL PLAY-BASED LEARNING .  This is linked to the beliefs upheld in the Te Whariki Curriculum Document and the research and work by Walker Learning and Longworth Education.