School Hours

Our school day timetable has changed slightly this year due to feedback from children, staff and parents comments ie:  Our children suggested a change in the first learning session wanting it to be longer as this was their best learning time of the day.  Our parents and staff noticed some children were either not eating enough (because they were running off to play early with their friends), children needing a quick snack between breakfast and 10:30 am to help them get through the start of the day and/or eating too much at morning tea and not having enough food for the rest of the day.
As a result of a successful trial at the end of last year, we have started the following timetable.
8:00 AM School grounds are open for children
8:30 AM Bell for Road Patrol
8:50 AM School day starts
  First Learning Session with rolling brainfood break in class.
10:30 AM First break/Morning Tea
10:50 AM Second Learning Session begins
11:50 AM “Read and Feed Lunch” (Teachers read to the class while they eat)
12:00 PM Second break
12:30 PM Third Learning Session begins
1:30 PM Third Break
2:00 PM Fourth Learning Session begins
3:00 PM End of School Day (with teachers on duty until 3.10pm)
What is the Brainfood break?
Along with a named bottle of water in class, children are encouraged to have a quick healthy snack on hand that they can easily access from their bag during the first block of learning.  For some children, they have breakfast very early and they have told us that they need a “fuel break” to increase their ability to focus.
These snacks can be a piece of fruit, some nuts (not peanuts please), a small bag of plain popcorn, carrots/cucumber/celery and hummus, raisins/dried apricots, cheese and crackers etc..