On-site access – simply sign in at the tracking station.

Hi everyone
We are looking forward to school starting on Monday. I just want to clarify what was sent out in the newsletter on Wednesday in terms of ON-SITE ACCESS TO PARENTS as some parents are unsure…
A parent can come onsite if they need to.
A need maybe
# You have a New Entrant or junior child to settle in.
# Your child is anxious about going to class alone.
# Your child is brand new to Greytown School (any age).
# You need to come to the school office.
If you do need to come on-site simply enter one of the 3 gates open and sign in at the tracking station beside it
eg: Write your name, phone number and time.
This is a legal requirement for us in Alert level 2.
Once on site please stay 2m away from other parents and children.
If you need to go inside a class for a child’s well-being, ask the teacher before entering (or they will welcome you in if they can see your child needs you as they are looking really unsure).  They will then help you enter the room by managing other children’s distance.
Here is a social story to help settle kids in and explain this if you need to.  Read as much or as little as you like.
Hope this helps to clarify access.
See you on Monday!