School starts tomorrow – device returning

Hi everyone

We are looking forward to all our children being back on site for learning tomorrow. Yah!! I know there are many kids who are excited to see all their friends again.

Parents remember to check the notice sent out yesterday about Level 2. If you can not find it it is on our Facebook and website too.

Kids…. It is time to get out your uniforms and shoes (make sure they are clean and ready to go), pack your bag with your drink bottle and lunchbox (pack a little bit more as you are used to snacking at home), get ready to go to bed early…and if you have a school device then put it beside your bag ready to bring back to school with its charger.

In the morning

– Year 7/8’s take your device and charger to your class and your teacher will sign you off our list.

– Year 0-6’s bring your iPads and Chromebooks to the library from 8.30 onwards and give them to Mr Preston, Mrs Hopkins or I so we can sign them off, clean them and return them back to the right place or others to use.

Parents:  If your child is not able to use hand sanitiser parents can send them to school with their own hypoallergenic soap to use in a plastic bag.

See you tomorrow!