Where Teaching and Learning Makes a Difference!

Welcome to Greytown School 2018

At Greytown School we believe that learning is about

  • Building children's self belief... "Anything is possible if I believe in it enough and am prepared to work hard to get there".
  • building strong relationships and creating a school family culture.
  • collaborative learning partnerships...learning and life is a team effort by children, teachers, staff, parents, whanau and our wider community.
  • achieving in all areas to the best of our ability whether that is in class or on the sports field.
  • being SHARP (being Safe, being Honest, learning to Achieve our potential, showing Respect and having Pride)
  • igniting new dreams and passions...learning and school life should be exciting and fun!
  • creating life time moments that children hold on to or look back with pride in the future.
  • giving children opportunities to lead in their learning and to lead others.

At Greytown School we strive to "Make a Difference" in ourselves, others, our environment and in our community.  

We have a long standing tradition since 1857 of high academic results and offering children a wide range of leadership, sporting and cultural opportunities in order to let all our children shine to the best of their ability.  We are a full primary for students from Years 1-8 and dras students from all around Greytown and surrounding local farming areas. If you would like to know more about what our school an offer you, please check out our "Why Choose Us?" page under the Our School tab at the top.

Keeping in Touch

There are a variety of ways to Keep in Touch at Greytown School.

  • Our 'Events Calendar' will enable you to diary dates that have been set for the rest of the year allowing you to plan for these in a timely way.
  • School Newsletter - Sign up to our newsletter email list under the Contact Us tab so that our fortnightly newsletter will be sent to you directly. Please note this list will be also be used to send other important school messages as well.
  • Download our free Greytown School App.  You just need to go to the Apple or Android App store and put Greytown School in the search.  This App can be used to send absences as well as recieving up to date information about school events, postponements and cancellations.

  • Board of Trustees email BOT@greytown.school.nz

Learning Times for 2018

Our day is split into four learning sessions.

8.50 to 10.30  First session
Morning Break
10.50 to 12.00  Second session
First Lunch Break
12.30 to 1.30 Third session
Second Lunch Break
2.00 to 3.00 Fourth session

School Bank Account

Greytown School Board of Trustees
03 0609 0124353 00


Term 1 Thursday 31st Jan to Friday 12th April 

Term 2 Monday 29th April to Friday 5th July

Term 3 Monday 22nd July to Friday 27th September...with one T.O.D to be confirmed

Term 4 Monday 14th October to Tuesday 17th December

Enrolment Zone

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